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Today was a spring holiday in the UK. In true British fashion it rained all day. Nevertheless our family rather enjoyed the day snacking and watching way too much telly. I’m certainly looking forward to an amazing summer…after enduring the awful winter all a girl really wants is some super weather. So I guess now we eagerly await the beautiful summer and will most probably be disappointed when the reality of the lack of sunshine dawns on all of us. Got to love the English summer-we live in hope!


Weekend special

It’s weird how we spend the whole week waiting for the weekend and it seems to disappear in a flash!
Whose bright idea was it to have a two day weekend.Personally I think it would make much more sense to have 4 working days but that’s just me.

Anyway not too many complaints from me about tomorrow being magical Monday. Schools are closed for half term! So let my week-long weekend continue.

Ain’t no sunshine

After some glorious spells of sunshine we have been thrust into some awful weather! Since arriving in England I’ve realised how important it is to check the weather forecast because before long you realise that knowing how to discuss the weather is of national importance! Sadly for all the information about the weather you always seem to be caught unawares. Sometimes I think this must be the gloomiest place in the world and then the sun shines. So nevermind the cold rainy snaps we can rest assured knowing that the sun will shine again!
I guess I’ll never run out of conversation with random folk at the bus stop!

Kiss and tell

Watching a political debate and can’t believe that thirty minutes have been spent discussing an injunction.Namely the naming and shaming of Ryan Giggs! Sadly I think it’s time for people to realise that all humans have clay feet even very talented ones. I guess the sooner me and others like me who read the tabloids with a keen interest in other people’s affairs refrain from doing so the press will always feel the need to feed this interest. Sadly the law is a double-edged sword which says we have the right to privacy but that right ends where the next individuals right to freedom of speech begins! Ryan Giggs has been outed as a common scumbag who was willing to part with £150 000 to keep his good image intact. Well Mr.Giggs I hope you manage to clean up this mess and hang onto your wife and kids like Terry and Rooney before you!

Route 66

Who would’ve thought that asking for directions could be such a painstaking event. Having been lost and quite directionless on several occassions.I know all too well the frustration of plucking up the courage to ask random folk only to be met with absolute cluelessness!

Fortunately I’ve been in Birmingham (aka Brum) for some time now so I no longer need the help of fellow pavement plodders.

However I now feel very sorry for the poor soul who stops to ask me for directions.Honestly I get really excited to help and muster all my enthusiasm and proceed to list every last landmark methodically.
After a while I can’t help but notice their restlessness as the human gps seems to have no end to the various possibilities of reaching their destination.
Whether or not they eventually get to where they are going I’ll never know.I walk away with the biggest smile on my face knowing that I’ve made a difference,I think!

One born every minute

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most amazing things a person can experience! However being the mother of 3 young children can really take its toll on you.

Today was the first time for far too long that I had a six-hour break from all of my princesses. Strangely I spent the day at home so much for all of the amazing plans I had.

Fortunately my two year old settled in quite nicely at the crèche otherwise I would have felt terribly guilty.I guess as a mother you are always left second guessing yourself regarding decisions which have an impact on your little ones lives.

I now have Mondays to look forward to…MY ME DAY!!!

Almost doesn’t count

Today the pride of the Midlands(Carling cup winners) were relegated! Birmingham city football club was the team our family adopted after arriving in the UK.Newly promoted to the premier league at that stage we were very keen to support a local team.Well that hasn’t turned out too well! Two years in the top flight league and down they go,again. So, as it turns out, this inconsistency is just part and parcel of the Blues. The faithful of St.Andrews are left sorely disappointed once again.
Well here’s to the season ahead…I suspect we’ll sit this one out.So long Blues…’til we meet again!

A whole new world

It’s amazing how moving to another country takes you from complete familiarity to a world that is quite unknown. People always ask me what I love about England and my answers hardly ever change.I love the coffee shops,fresh sandwiches,cheap DVDs and books, Gap,the transport system and the parks! However that doesn’t fill the void of longing for the comforts of home and you soon realise that you have to adapt or die. Having young kids sure does force you to get in the swing of things because for the most part they have no expectations of the lifestyle they are now required to lead.

Long lost family

I’ve been watching a British documentary…I’m a documentary junkie!  This one really moves me to tears when I see how families are reunited after facing very difficult times emotionally. Sometimes I think it’s a bit infantile of me to expect that all families live in harmony.
My heart goes out to people who are living apart from their families for many different reasons. I’m so grateful for the strong family bond that I enjoy.If you are fortunate enough to be loved in this awesome way then you know that it is the most comforting feeling. If however you are separated from the ones you should love unconditionally make every effort to make peace with them.Family is the most amazing gift, love them.

X marks the spot

Local elections were held across South Africa today. It was interesting to read about various people’s thoughts and opinions about political parties and their agendas. Yay for democracy but with this freedom there should undoubtedly be responsibility and accountability!

We need to be the change we want to see…politicians cannot not meet all of our expectations. I will instill in my daughters the need to be good law-abiding citizens.Further than that they alone will determine their future.Right now their future looks very bright:)