Life, Love, and Passports

Route 66

Who would’ve thought that asking for directions could be such a painstaking event. Having been lost and quite directionless on several occassions.I know all too well the frustration of plucking up the courage to ask random folk only to be met with absolute cluelessness!

Fortunately I’ve been in Birmingham (aka Brum) for some time now so I no longer need the help of fellow pavement plodders.

However I now feel very sorry for the poor soul who stops to ask me for directions.Honestly I get really excited to help and muster all my enthusiasm and proceed to list every last landmark methodically.
After a while I can’t help but notice their restlessness as the human gps seems to have no end to the various possibilities of reaching their destination.
Whether or not they eventually get to where they are going I’ll never know.I walk away with the biggest smile on my face knowing that I’ve made a difference,I think!


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