Life, Love, and Passports

Kiss and tell

Watching a political debate and can’t believe that thirty minutes have been spent discussing an injunction.Namely the naming and shaming of Ryan Giggs! Sadly I think it’s time for people to realise that all humans have clay feet even very talented ones. I guess the sooner me and others like me who read the tabloids with a keen interest in other people’s affairs refrain from doing so the press will always feel the need to feed this interest. Sadly the law is a double-edged sword which says we have the right to privacy but that right ends where the next individuals right to freedom of speech begins! Ryan Giggs has been outed as a common scumbag who was willing to part with £150 000 to keep his good image intact. Well Mr.Giggs I hope you manage to clean up this mess and hang onto your wife and kids like Terry and Rooney before you!


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