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Walking on sunshine

Today my family arrived in the UK. After a few delays and even a border agency strike we were eventually reunited.
So I got to meet my nephews for the very first time today. They were as gorgeous as I expected them to be.

I’m not sure how long it will take for the magnitude of this occasion to sink in.
I feel very overwhelmed tonight and extremely blessed.

I’m looking forward to an amazing time with each of them and sharing the wonderful experiences of my new life!


African queen

I was really excited when I heard that Charlene Wittstock a fellow south African was to marry into the royal house of Monaco. Sadly now just a few days before her £50 million wedding all these scandals are surfacing about her future husband.
If she had to ask me for advice I would honestly tell her to think long and hard about her decision to marry a man with such a shady past.

Then I had to very politely call myself to order. I realised that there are no perfect people of course there are those who would like to think they are.
Now in my life I’ve made many mistakes some are just down to utter stupidity! Still life carries on.

Marriage though is another game altogether and there are no hard and fast rules. You live and learn.
So soon to be princess Charlene of Monaco seems to have overlooked prince Albert’s track record( twice denying paternity!). If she trusts him enough to believe he is innocent of a third allegation. She might just be the kind of woman he needs!

Best wishes African Queen,whatever you decide!

Natural women

Today while chatting to some women the conversation drifted off to weight problems. One of the ladies went on to say how unhappy she is with her weight and the shape she is in. Due to religious reasons she can’t really join her local gym because they don’t have separate facilities for ladies.

At this stage in my life I think I’m quite easily twice the woman I was ten or so years ago. Fortunately it doesn’t bother me I reckon if they make larger sizes I might as well wear them. I’m certainly way more confident than I was when I was younger and thinner. So I guess good things do come with getting older. Well having a man who sings your praises isn’t such a bad thing either.

So while I hear people speaking of losing weight and counting calories I just haven’t reached that point in my life. Until that day arrives I shall continue to do what I do best…snack, snack, snack!  Well done to the guys and girls on the journey it takes courage and much dedication. Go for it!

Can’t buy me love

Just watched the movie Confessions of a shopaholic. It was very entertaining but I couldn’t identify with that need to buy continuously. I do get really happy though when I find an awesome bargain.

The last few years my shopping has been dominated by buying for my young daughters. It has become a bit of a chore for me these days to go out and shop about for myself. On the other hand there are times when I get myself into gear and the cycle can last a rather long time.

Perhaps I’m too conscientious and should spend more and think less. When I was young and single many, many years ago I guess that would’ve been the ideal time to shop until I dropped and not have to consider the welfare of anyone else.

I don’t know any shopaholic personally but I imagine apart from the financial impact their biggest problem has got to be finding time to wear all their purchases.
Personally I think having the means doesn’t always justify getting the purchase!

Happy shopping.

My favourite things

I’ve been in England for just over ten months, uninterrupted. For the most part I just get by with the many differences I find as far as food goes.
My family’s arrival is imminent and so naturally they want to know what I’d like from South Africa. Of course the things I really want they can’t actually bring. Like a wimpy breakfast and milkshake, clover guava juice and a spar wors roll!

My husband says he can do without. So I guess I’m going to eat my Jennings fudge and nougat alone. My girls have found too many favourites to be concerned.
I wonder if you ever outgrow the taste of home!

There are some things which are quite easy to find around here like Mrs.Balls chutney and Nandos sauce. A very nice way to get the taste of South Africa.

So while I’ve discovered some awesome things here like Thornton’s chocolate and Krispy Kreme donuts they just don’t fill that insatiable appetite for all things familiar.

Deja who?

Now we are all very guilty of this particular illness. As a nurse you were always required to know your patients names. So I’ve always been very good at remembering people’s names. Of recent times though my capacity for names has diminished.

Whether it’s at the church I attend or the local playgroup. I’ve been attending the playgroup for some time now so I just nod and smile. It’s so irritating it should be compulsory for people to wear name tags wherever they go.

The other thing that totally throws me off is the different accents. So asking the person to repeat their name fifty times, and then resorting to asking for spelling. Embarrassed you now realise their name is Katherine!

When I meet people for the first time I try to match them with someone I know quite well. Then I meet them again and can’t for the life of me remember who I’ve associated them with.

Now I’ve noticed as far as I go and people remembering my name. They opt to call me by any of my three daughters names followed by mum. Wouldn’t it just be easier to remember my name. Then again it does give them plenty of options.

Welcome to the tower of Babel!

Crazy in love

Today my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Time has well and truly flown by. I remember meeting him for the first time like it was just yesterday! How our lives have changed since that day. We fell head over heels in love and decided to enter the fortified city which is marriage. Naturally it hasn’t always been smooth sailing but it’s always been rewarding. Now I would’ve attached a picture from our wedding day but I hardly recognise either of us. We are both twice the people we were on that day and of course we look absolutely fresh-faced.
My excuse of course is that I’ve had three babies. Hopefully his is a sign of what a generous and gifted cook I am!
So as we look forward to the rest of our lives together I have no doubt that we will continue to face many struggles and share many joys.

Here’s to marriage, cheers.

Another brick in the wall

My soon to be four-year old daughter attended induction day at a local school today. Can’t believe she will be going to “big school” in September.
I totally missed the process with my older daughter seeing as she started school a month after her peers.

It was a really scary experience trying to find a school for her. I had no idea how the education system worked here in England but figured it couldn’t be very difficult. I was very wrong!
After much pavement pounding and severe feelings of despair. I was finally pointed in the right direction. That direction was the local council. Talk about red tape.

I had a crash course in types of schools available and various criteria
which left me feeling even more despondent. Eventually it all worked out and she was placed in a church of England school and I am very happy with her placement!

So this time around I’m very relaxed having been through the system and feeling rather experienced. I am now looking forward to my baby starting school on time!

Hush little baby

Today my husband and I visited a friend who had her first baby a month ago. He is as gorgeous as ever. So naturally the conversation moved to his sleeping patterns. I must admit that I wasn’t surprised at all when she told me how well he sleeps through the night. He was a model citizen the whole time we visited.

Being a mother of three I have to say none of my girls arrived with a sleep button. In fact my firstborn only slept through for the first time when she was six months. She traumatized my husband and I with her colic and crying. By the time our second baby came along we treated her for colic just in case! Baby number three was the best by far however she is now well and truly into the terrible twos stage and is making up for lost time.

So back to sleeping patterns…it seems that the majority of moms who I speak to seem to have babies who rise to the occasion of nap time. Of course they proudly inform you how from day one their newborns slept in their own beds. Well my girls still creep into my bed and more often than not I let them.

Is it possible that some of us just end up with the hard to handle babies while everyone else seems to have model newborns? Well we said our goodbyes to mom and baby but my hubby and I walked away feeling very cheated of valuable sleep!

Jack of all trades

Tonight I salute all the tradesman the world over. After watching way too many home makeover programmes my husband and I decided to tackle a painting job. Contrary to popular belief it is not as easy as just getting paint and a few brushes.
Now I should’ve known better what with my dad being a skilled painter. I just thought after years of watching him paint and my husbands enthusiasm we could do a half decent job. This was not the case just one wall into the job and we sank into the depths of despair.
Corners, plug points and skirting boards are enough to make you quit. We’ve started the job so I guess we’ll have to see it through.

I guess it’s a like owning an amazing camera and figuring that you’re a photographer. Not so!

So I hope when my family finally arrive here that we’ll be applauded for the effort at least. Move over sixty minute makeover there’s a new team in town.