Life, Love, and Passports

Free time

Today was my scheduled day off. It started off well with my two year-old waving goodbye. If I leave her crying my time off is spent wondering if she is okay. So first stop was the gym where I just enjoyed a good old swim without being lifeguard on duty which happens when I take the girls along. Now the one thing that does spoil my time at the gym is the change room. Why do people treat it like their private space? Surely there must be public space etiquette. It would be fantastic if people actually used it. So after a trip to the supermarket to get essential and not so essential stuff( and of course gawking in other people’s trolleys) I headed home for some peace and quiet.  As much as I love me time I absolutely love the part when I’m reunited with my girls. My two year-old goes on and on about how much she missed me and loves me. Now that is a joy!


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