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Archive for June 14, 2011

These boots were made for walking

Now I like pretty shoes just as much as the next lady. My feet unfortunately prefer practical shoes and sadly these always seem to border on looking quite industrial. Every now and again I try to bend the rules but my husband always seems to remind me of the sad state my nursing feet were in when he met me. He promptly bought me the most expensive shoes I’d ever owned(for work!) I so love him for that:)

Since arriving in England I’ve become curiously aware of designer shoes. So when I saw a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes recently I thought they would be well suited to my needy feet. Honestly though at that price I could not justify it.

I have this love hate relationship with shoes. For every two pairs I buy I take one back. This is a great source of frustration for my husband who reckons they either fit or not and apparently you should know right away. I don’t!

So today I bought a pair of shoes which are out of my usual league and I desperately want things to work out between us. I’ve never been one for heels but I guess it’s never too late to start.
Aah I just remembered I need to return a pair of practical shoes under my bed before the twenty-eight day return policy expires!