Life, Love, and Passports

Eat and be merry

My family and I celebrated fathers day by having a buffet lunch. It’s been a while now that I’ve been wondering why buffets exist. How much food can a person actually eat in a single seating? Personally I really like the Chinese buffet it seems you can snack endlessly without feeling stuffed unless of course you fancy rice and noodles.
I’ve been to some really weird buffets though. The one where we informed that you only get to serve once at the buffet and another where they warned if you wasted the food you’d be charged double. What a laugh. Needless to say I haven’t returned to either of those places.
Now the other issue that really annoys me is when I see greedy people trying single-handedly to deplete the buffet with just one helping. What is up with that behaviour? It’s a buffet for goodness sake the idea is that it won’t run dry. Honestly it’s enough to make me lose my appetite because it just doesn’t make any sense to group a variety of foods on a single plate until it looks like a volcano ready to erupt!

Slow and steady I say!


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