Life, Love, and Passports

Hush little baby

Today my husband and I visited a friend who had her first baby a month ago. He is as gorgeous as ever. So naturally the conversation moved to his sleeping patterns. I must admit that I wasn’t surprised at all when she told me how well he sleeps through the night. He was a model citizen the whole time we visited.

Being a mother of three I have to say none of my girls arrived with a sleep button. In fact my firstborn only slept through for the first time when she was six months. She traumatized my husband and I with her colic and crying. By the time our second baby came along we treated her for colic just in case! Baby number three was the best by far however she is now well and truly into the terrible twos stage and is making up for lost time.

So back to sleeping patterns…it seems that the majority of moms who I speak to seem to have babies who rise to the occasion of nap time. Of course they proudly inform you how from day one their newborns slept in their own beds. Well my girls still creep into my bed and more often than not I let them.

Is it possible that some of us just end up with the hard to handle babies while everyone else seems to have model newborns? Well we said our goodbyes to mom and baby but my hubby and I walked away feeling very cheated of valuable sleep!


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