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Archive for June 23, 2011

Another brick in the wall

My soon to be four-year old daughter attended induction day at a local school today. Can’t believe she will be going to “big school” in September.
I totally missed the process with my older daughter seeing as she started school a month after her peers.

It was a really scary experience trying to find a school for her. I had no idea how the education system worked here in England but figured it couldn’t be very difficult. I was very wrong!
After much pavement pounding and severe feelings of despair. I was finally pointed in the right direction. That direction was the local council. Talk about red tape.

I had a crash course in types of schools available and various criteria
which left me feeling even more despondent. Eventually it all worked out and she was placed in a church of England school and I am very happy with her placement!

So this time around I’m very relaxed having been through the system and feeling rather experienced. I am now looking forward to my baby starting school on time!