Life, Love, and Passports

My favourite things

I’ve been in England for just over ten months, uninterrupted. For the most part I just get by with the many differences I find as far as food goes.
My family’s arrival is imminent and so naturally they want to know what I’d like from South Africa. Of course the things I really want they can’t actually bring. Like a wimpy breakfast and milkshake, clover guava juice and a spar wors roll!

My husband says he can do without. So I guess I’m going to eat my Jennings fudge and nougat alone. My girls have found too many favourites to be concerned.
I wonder if you ever outgrow the taste of home!

There are some things which are quite easy to find around here like Mrs.Balls chutney and Nandos sauce. A very nice way to get the taste of South Africa.

So while I’ve discovered some awesome things here like Thornton’s chocolate and Krispy Kreme donuts they just don’t fill that insatiable appetite for all things familiar.


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