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Bright young things

I’m sure it’s a very proud moment for any parent when they realise that they have a gifted child. They will do everything in their power to get their child involved with the right people. Sadly these gifts often come at a cost. They don’t just cost time and money but for many a kid it costs their childhood.

As a mother of three young children I often wonder what areas my girls will excel in. Of course it is quite possible to mould them into the shape that best suits you. I’d like to think that when the time comes I’ll support them in any way I possibly can.

I often observe parents and judge them for pushing their kids too hard. The question I guess would be where to draw the line between children who are naturally gifted and those who need a nudge to bring out the best in them.

So to the dad who shouts the gym down urging his nine year-old to do a medley of strokes instead of messing around in the pool. To the mom who refuses to let her child go out to enjoy a beautiful summer day and instead practice an instrument. I hope it’s their dream you are nurturing and not reliving your own lost dream.

Every child is special in their own way…I guess some are just more special and that is something we all have to live with!


Playground politics

While at a playgroup with my daughters it became quite clear that some children have no playground etiquette. I’m certain that there is not one parent who likes their child to be bullied. The only smiling parent seems to be the one whose child is making everybody else’s child miserable.

So you find yourself in a position where you have to break the news very gently to a dad or mom that their child is the sandpit bully. Fortunately many respond positively and call their offspring to order. However there is that really small percentage who make up a dozen excuses as to why their brat is behaving in this fashion.

Kids will be kids but adults should always be there to guide them towards acceptable behaviour.

Truth, lies and brutality

I’ve been wondering for some time now about the necessity of some of the truths or should I say observations of some people. Why do people find it necessary to point out the obvious like weight gain and justify their comments by saying ” I’m just being honest”

That is not the kind of honesty I’m interested in if I want an opinion I generally ask for one. I have now come to my own conclusion that these kind of people either have the inability to bridle their tongues or they have inadequacies which they attempt to cover lest the person they meet suffers from the same chronic brutal honesty that affects them.

So after a few run ins with these brutally honest citizens I’ve decided to make every effort to be kind to people I meet and give an opinion if one is required of me.

A day in the life of…

Being able to be a stay at home mom is not something I take very lightly. I know it won’t be forever so I will cherish every moment that I have with my young daughters.
Many of my working friends say they would love the opportunity to stay at home and unfortunately it is just not possible.

The social aspect is what I miss the most about going out to work. Just adult conversation and a certain kind of freedom made the day worthwhile.

Presently my life consists mainly of routine activities for my daughters of which brushing their teeth is the activity I dislike most.

I love my girls and wouldn’t change my life as it is now. On the other hand it is quite shocking how dramatically my life has changed since getting married and having babies. I guess a day in the life of a mother is exactly that, a general evolving from being self-centred to putting my precious offspring ahead of me.

A mothers love.

Role model or lost soul

I’ve read several articles following the death of Amy Winehouse. I can’t help but feel absolute pity for her. Her life proves that money can buy many things but not contentment.
It seems her childhood dream was to be a famous performer. She got the dream and sadly a whole lot of baggage as well.

Many tributes from very famous people have been publicised via many social network sites. That in itself I find really shallow but I guess it’s the world we now live in. The common thread was the fact that she had absolutely no self control and was a deeply troubled soul.

Sadly her life ended in the most traumatic way…famous and alone! I read a tribute which said” hope you find the peace you hoped for in life in death”

Death the leveler!

Most wonderful time of the year

The weather was absolutely glorious today! Whenever the day starts off bright and glorious it makes me want to be young again. Life just seems to be filled with endless possibilities and that makes me want to smile.

It’s kind of crazy how the weather can affect a persons mood. On days like today I just want to smile at and greet every living soul I see. Everything about my life seems positive!

So here’s to more sunny days and endless joy, well maybe not endless, but I sure will make the most of this most wonderful time of the year!

Family friends and food

The end of the weekend has arrived and it always seems like it’s been on fast forward. Thankfully tomorrow will be the official start to the summer holiday!
I have had a very busy weekend which is quite unusual. It was a good change from entertaining my girls. Most of it was socializing with other adults which is a gift in itself.

Sharing stories and hearty laughs always makes me feel so alive. Life would be really dull if we didn’t get a chance to share in each others lives. So I’m extremely blessed to have wonderful people in my life whom I call friends.

A spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down

Yesterday young British nurse was charged on suspicion of injecting insulin into saline drips. As a result of these terrible actions five patients have died to date.

Of course this kind of incident does shock you because everybody now realises that they are at the mercy of medical staff. Now negligence due to sheer stupidity is just stupidity at the end of the day and hopefully it doesn’t result in injury or death.
Intentional criminal negligence is just unacceptable and should be punishable by a prison sentence in my opinion.

It’s just so hard to fathom why anybody would do something so cruel. If a patient cannot feel safe in their hospital bed then there is a real problem.

Innocent until proven otherwise, so I’ll watch this case unfold with much interest and hopefully the families of the deceased will get the answers they are desperately in need of!

End times

Now I don’t consider myself a sceptic but watching the news tonight really made me wonder what direction the world is moving. Of course we now know that the recent prediction for the world to end did not pan out.

Greece is in crisis and the value of money is at a rather critical stage!
Then there was the story of the starving Somalians which really broke my heart. A mother should never have to see her child starving and have absolutely no inclination where to find help. I really hate that in the world there are so many people wasting while others struggle just to get the basics!

I guess the poor will always be among us but it doesn’t hurt to do the best we can to help the less fortunate. After all sharing is caring.

Hard to say I’m sorry

I read an article about a group of women in South Africa who are assisting single moms to get child maintenance that their children deserve from dads who insist on dodging their responsibility.

Now I’ve met many moms who’ve grown weary of fighting for maintenance for their children. While I’ve not had any experience personally in this matter. Having children I know it costs a small fortune to raise them.
Of course there are many sides to this story and it can get very complicated. I guess the goal is ultimately that we all want our children to be provided for.

Let me just say I know it’s not just moms raising children on their own but also some amazing dads. I say amazing because nurturing is mainly regarded as a moms work.

In the final analysis I guess the parties need to be fair. I know of some women who just get greedy and will not let the father of their child have a decent life with their new family.

It is quite a sad state of affairs and just blogging the subject makes me angry!
My wish is that every child would be cared for adequately and the parents get along civilly even if it’s just for the sake of their precious angels!