Life, Love, and Passports

Rollercoaster ride

I don’t know when last I felt this exhausted. Not too sure if it’s my age that’s to blame. I feel like I’ve climbed a hill which would not end.
The new day seems to approach ever so quickly and then picks up a crazy speed so at the end of the day I feel like I’ve totally been cheated on the time scale!

Yesterday I went sightseeing with the family in London. It seemed like the whole day was a vapour with us trying to catch the ever fading day. Fortunately the weather was awesome and there is nothing quite as beautiful as a proper British summers day.

After way too much time in the car, on the train and the hustle and bustle of the underground rides I took a much deserved break today. I can’t say that I felt energised after the rest but I know it was something I needed desperately. The rollercoaster of life now awaits me and I’m just not sure that I have the energy to keep up! I’m ready to ride…


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