Life, Love, and Passports

Proud parent

Today I met with my three-year old’s teacher to get some feedback on her progress in nursery before she heads on over to primary school in September.
It was a glowing report which left me teary eyed and very proud. She had excelled in every area and her teacher sang her praises the entire time.

After the dust had settled I started thinking about the children who didn’t do as well. I never want to appear as being proud but I am. My princess works very hard and she deserves the praise.

So tonight as I lay my head on my pillow I will spare a thought for all the children who work really hard but don’t often get the expected results. I’ll also spare a thought for parents who make every effort to encourage their children to do the best they can.

I guess at the end of the day all parents are proud of their children’s achievements and that’s all that really matters to each precious child!


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