Life, Love, and Passports

Scones and tea

Today my husband and I had afternoon tea with my parents at their holiday apartment. Sunday afternoon tea was a tradition we always enjoyed in South Africa. Just a bit sad we didn’t get to enjoy my mothers traditional scones. On the other hand we had the most amazing cakes which were provided by my very talented cousin. The joy of having some family in England.

Tradition is so important to me. Having a family of my own I love to make a tradition out of anything really. My girls are so special but very different so it requires some skill to please them. There are some traditions that I’ve kept from my childhood like opening gifts on Christmas eve way before midnight. Sunday lunch is a tradition I got rid of quite easily. As someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking any day of the week I prefer to have a rest from the kitchen. So my girls look forward to eating out on a Sunday.

I guess it’s different strokes for different folks. I hope one day when my girls are all grown up they will enjoy creating traditions of their own!


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