Life, Love, and Passports

Hello, Goodbye

Having done way too many trips from the airport there are quite sadly just two things you could possibly be doing there. Saying hello is by far the nicest!

Standing in the arrivals and peering through the crowd as if the person you’re meeting might possibly miss your arrival. Then waving wildly and running towards them. It really is the most wonderful feeling. My favourite response is when people start gesturing “over here” as if the person they are meeting might possibly go off with somebody else. I am not referring to the name wielding tour guide operators.

Saying goodbye is really quite awful and I’ve had way too many experiences particularly in my adult life. On many occasions I’d take my kids to the airport to see my husband off and just lost the ability to hold it together. At this point the child in you sets in and you find yourself not too far from holding onto a leg and being dragged through the departure lounge.

The airport is truly a place of many contrasts economy class vs business class, hand luggage vs excess luggage, single folk vs family units, rookies vs seasoned travellers. There are so many stories and yet to you and I our story would definitely be the one worth listening to!

**Happy travelling**


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