Life, Love, and Passports

Judge not

It’s been quite some time now since I’ve decided to have a positive attitude towards people I meet for the first time. I must admit it’s not been very easy. I really love meeting people and making friends but sometimes it seems almost impossible to get a conversation going.
There is nothing more frustrating than drawing conversation like water from a rock. At this point I usually have to admit that it’s a pointless exercise.

Of course making friends as you get older doesn’t get easier because people usually have their circle of friends. My daughters always amaze me by the ease with which they get conversations going with kids at the gym or in the park. When I ask about the other child all they know is that they’ve had fun! So maybe it’s just me who makes meeting people like a task.

So as I continue to weave my web of friendship I realise that people are individuals with their own agendas. I shall endeavour to be a good friend who does not judge people at face value!


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