Life, Love, and Passports

Fashion victims

I’m always very fascinated at the way people push the fashion boundaries. I’ve always been ultra conservative in the way that I dress and have never been one to follow fashion wherever it may go.
However I do realise that if we all dressed the same we might as well be robots. Every now and again I push the fashion boat out to deeper waters but soon realise that being out of my depth is a very uncomfortable place for me. So while people may not be looking to me to set a trend I sure love taking note of people’s attire.

Old fashioned are the words that spring to mind when I honestly assess my wardrobe. It becomes quite apparent that staying within the boundaries can result as in my case your entire wardrobe looking like you work for a funeral parlour. Try as I may I always seem to end up choosing black.

Now the trend setters are the ones who make catwalk fashion seem as regular as denim and a shirt are to be truly admired. The ones who make you think such things are a possibility.
On the other hand there exists a group of people who leave you wondering if they’ve lost a bet and now parade the malls in what can only be described as a fashion disaster. I often wonder if they do this to be noticed or are they in fact the real trend setters and I the fashion victim!

I guess it takes a special kind of person to dress outside the box. I am not that person. Are you?


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