Life, Love, and Passports

Hard to say I’m sorry

I read an article about a group of women in South Africa who are assisting single moms to get child maintenance that their children deserve from dads who insist on dodging their responsibility.

Now I’ve met many moms who’ve grown weary of fighting for maintenance for their children. While I’ve not had any experience personally in this matter. Having children I know it costs a small fortune to raise them.
Of course there are many sides to this story and it can get very complicated. I guess the goal is ultimately that we all want our children to be provided for.

Let me just say I know it’s not just moms raising children on their own but also some amazing dads. I say amazing because nurturing is mainly regarded as a moms work.

In the final analysis I guess the parties need to be fair. I know of some women who just get greedy and will not let the father of their child have a decent life with their new family.

It is quite a sad state of affairs and just blogging the subject makes me angry!
My wish is that every child would be cared for adequately and the parents get along civilly even if it’s just for the sake of their precious angels!


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