Life, Love, and Passports

Fun and sunshine

As you know or may not know it is now the official summer holiday in Britain. I don’t take anything for granted seeing as I still meet some people who think we roam half-naked with our pet elephants in South Africa. I really thought being the host nation for the soccer world cup 2010 would’ve shed some light on our civilisation!

Back to the summer which has been absolutely amazing. Now if there is something people around here cannot stop discussing it’s the weather. So whether it is sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing the conversation will always find its way to the weather.

We have been spending the past few days in various parks and Britain sure does do awesome parks and flowers. We have basked in the sun and enjoyed every ray of sunshine. When I find myself wanting to complain about the intense heat and I can literally feel the hole in the ozone layer I stop myself!

So wherever you are in this beautiful world of ours enjoy your season because it will not last forever.

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