Life, Love, and Passports

Movie magic 2

Today I took my three young daughters to watch a movie which was rated PG. It was totally inappropriate for them. If it wasn’t for the talking animals it would’ve been a complete waste.

Sadly this is something I find with most animated movies. They appear to be child friendly and I seem to get fooled every time with the animation aspect. They always end up being filled with slapstick humour and innuendoes.

My girls have varied taste in movies. Any dog movie will impress my six year-old, princess movies for my four year-old and repetitive singing for my two year-old. So it’s really quite hard to please them all. However when I make the effort to take them to the cinema I expect them to show some interest. Unfortunately it always seems to be about the snacks with my children!

Perhaps I should stop seeing a trip to the cinema as having the sole function of watching a movie. The fact that they enjoy the overall movie experience should satisfy me.


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