Life, Love, and Passports

Game of chance

Occasionally I watch these game shows on telly like” the cube” and “deal or no deal”. My girls know me quite well as far as these shows go. I’m always urging contestants to take the prize and to stop being greedy.

It’s always so weird how people come onto these shows and say what amount of cash they’ll be willing to walk away with. When they reach that target they become unsatisfied and just want more. More than they know what to do with!

Then there’s another group of people who seem to place their future as a reason for playing the game. Weddings, education and care of a sick relative makes it really hard for me to watch. Luck and chance are not two things that should determine the direction of your life.

While I know this show is meant to be sheer entertainment I’m often left feeling sorry for way too many contestants. I often wonder how I would fare on such a show. Then again I’m not a gambling girl!


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