Life, Love, and Passports

City of madness 2

There is still an air of restlessness over the city. The constant sound of helicopters circling offers no sense of peace. I love living in the city but at times like these I’d much rather be in the countryside. While I haven’t had any contact with or witnessed any of the craziness personally it has had a definite effect on my livelihood! My local gym was closed and our place of worship was barricaded. After a trip to my local supermarket in my lousy attempt to stockpile (I’ve run out of juice already!) it became apparent that the trouble got closer to me than I realised.

Today was mainly a day of politicians and journalists trying to find reasons as to why this frenzy has taken place. Some of the reasons are social inequality, government cuts and lack of discipline to name but a few. I must admit that stealing and destroying people’s property and looting businesses is just plain criminality and there can be no excuse for this atrocious behaviour. Dare I say it was mainly sport, electronic and jewellery stores that were targeted by these mainly young looters.  Why would people destroy their communities in this terrible manner? Probably because they don’t know the value of hard work!

It really sickens me and makes me quite sad that people would act in this barbaric way with no regard for the law. Wayward citizens are now being forced to take responsibility for this anarchy which has reigned for far too long by appearing in local courts and facing what I hope will be harsh sentences. Britain has been under siege long enough can’t wait for our streets to be totally reclaimed!


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