Life, Love, and Passports

Beauty and the beast

Some are born beautiful, some achieve beauty and some are… well beautiful in the eye of the beholder! The discussion on beauty is a very subjective one and it always seems that people who make the least effort with their appearance will feel like the person who rises at the crack of dawn to attend to beauty rituals is just vain.

Now I am a plain Jane and I cannot be bothered to lose sleep to look like I have access to Oprah’s vanity case. However I do have friends who wear makeup everyday and they look fantastic managing to “get the look” without much effort. I do make an effort though if I’m going somewhere special and on these occasions I often wish that I’d make the effort a little bit more. Of course my doting husband swears I am attractive with or without my aids! How can I not love him for that . Thank goodness I know better.

I once met a girl who told me her long-term boyfriend had never seen her without makeup and I felt really sorry for her because that meant if he pitched up unannounced she would be in a tizzy. It is this kind of scenario that scares me the most. I’m not sure if they eventually married but he must have got the fright of his life.

As most women know the right kind of makeup can cover a multitude of imperfections. This is the reason I’d like to believe makeup was invented. There are people who would like to think that we were never intended to cover our natural beauty to them I say “speak for yourself” My natural beauty ceased to exist with the first bout of acne!!

So here’s to many more years of finding ways (often very costly) to look my best…with or without makeup! Therein lies the secret I suppose is to look YOUR best.


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