Life, Love, and Passports

Headache from hell

This is the best if not the only way to describe the dreaded migraine. If you’ve never had one you are most fortunate!
Now I cannot remember the first time I had one. The first I can recall that there was possibly something different about this particular headache was when I wore sunglasses at night to avoid the glare of oncoming traffic. I’m not entirely sure why Usher wears his sunglasses at night and inside at that. Maybe he does actually have a migraine and is trying to avoid the strobe lighting!

Sadly today was one of those awful days for me. Having gone to bed with an aura (the feeling just before an episode) I still hoped it would somehow pass during the night-it didn’t! So I spent most of my morning trying to trace the trigger which in my case is usually perfume. The guilty one this time around is a Vera Wang I happened to touch accidentally.

After hours of medication and headache patches I’ve finally found some relief. On the now rare occasion I have an episode I hope it will be the last. I guess that is the hope of all migraine sufferers to be free from this hell!


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