Life, Love, and Passports

Joys of motherhood

The joys of motherhood! In my opinion this phrase is often used inappropriately. People usually say it when you express a difficulty which you have experienced!

Today I had to deal with yet another “joy of motherhood”. This particular one is called the terrible two’s. This is my third experience with a two-year old but I cannot recall my older girls being this feisty and defiant.
It was a long time coming…my daughter has a high-pitched scream which is most unusual for her age. When she started this trick of hers some time ago I just chose to ignore her. Sadly it just got worse.

I don’t think any mother likes to find herself in a position where you feel like you can’t control your child. I was that mother today and needed the help of a friend to defuse the situation. Needless to say I was terribly embarrassed by my daughters behaviour. She eventually fell asleep but I promise you when she did wake she found a mother who was silent and staring at her with the eyes of a flaming dragon.
Children can be so innocent and she was as sweet as cherry pie. At that moment I wished that I could be like a child and wake up with no recollection of trouble I’d left behind.

I have no idea how much longer she plans to use this terrible weapon. I do know for a fact that I won’t tolerate it much longer. I’m hoping today was the final blast of those precious vocal chords. We shall wait and see.
Oh the joys of motherhood!

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