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I don’t like footie-I love it

Have you ever tried to avoid a topic and it feels like the whole world keeps serving it to you on a plate. The last twenty-four hours I have been confronted with Arsenal Football Clubs tear jerking loss to a little known team-I think they call themselves the red devils. I can believe it because they took Arsenal to hell and back!

I first started supporting Arsenal in the mid nineties mainly because I wanted a rival team to my fathers-he supports Liverpool. The reason I chose them was because of  a  good-looking French player named Nicolas Anelka. It’s quite ridiculous in retrospect basing my choice on him. A quick glance at his career and I would’ve been dizzy had I followed him-I’ve lost count of the number of teams his played for. Fortunately for me Arsenal was a worthwhile choice and of course the arrival of Thierry Henry kept me interested.

When we arrived in England my husband and I decided to back a local team. Sadly Birmingham Football Club have since been relegated and I honestly decided to take a break from the beautiful game it’s a decision I’ve had to go back on.

Now as far as Arsenal go I’ll always have a place in my heart for them. Their record is amazing and they remain in the top three best premier league teams since this system was put in place. However, I believe the time has come for the long serving manager to leave the club. I think his fire has died and he has run out of ideas for taking his team forward. He seems clueless about the function of the team. Arsene Wenger seems hell-bent on making the club debt free at the expense of their reputation.

Come on Mr.Wenger it’s time to take us back to the good old glory days or do the honourable thing and take your coat and bag!


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