Life, Love, and Passports

Donor mom

I just watched the most moving documentary. It was the story of an egg donor who just happened to know at a very early stage who the recipients were. The recipient eventually gave birth to twins!

I’ve never really given any thought to egg and sperm donations but this really opened my eyes to the absolute joy it gives the recipients.

Thankfully for this particular woman who just happened to have a son who was conceived by a sperm donation she was welcomed by the recipient mom and seemed to have lots in common with her children.

I also got thinking about the many children who have no idea who their parents are. I wonder if it’s a bit like adoption because I imagine the feelings and questions are the same.

There are so many childless couples around and I’m just thankful for the many ways that people can come to realise the dream of being parents.

I wonder if I would be so selfless if it was required of me? I hope I would.


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