Life, Love, and Passports

She ain’t heavy

In a previous blog I spoke about my feelings regarding my weight and how it wasn’t a cause for concern.  I also said the day I become unhappy is the day I would take action. After some serious soul-searching the time has come to say goodbye to the heavy part of me. It is action time!

In my attempt to shed at least fifteen kilograms I have some serious sacrifices to make. That sacrifice does not include my morning coffee with full cream milk. Having done an inventory of all the guilty parties. Here is a list of the got to go crew – chocolates, fizzy drinks, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream to name a few.

Today was the first day of  my mammoth journey but if I have a fraction of the enthusiasm along the way I should achieve my goal. I just cannot stop short of the prize. Perhaps I should find a little something to reward myself with at the end.

I am sure the road ahead is long but I feel up to the challenge!


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