Life, Love, and Passports

A woman of substance

I’ve always been one who enjoys reality shows but of course there are shows I would never bother to watch. I recently decided to watch an episode of “The bachelor” the uk version.

I know that people meet and fall in love in many different ways but setting yourself up to compete for a man is just in poor taste. It might offer much entertainment for many viewers but it takes a certain kind of person to convince a random man who just happens to be famous or wealthy that he is their true love.

In the past men and woman used to meet mainly through family and family friends. These days online dating has become very popular and there are countless matchmaking stories. I think it’s wonderful that there are many options for people to form friendships and perhaps grow to love each other.

Though there have been many changes in the way we date there is no reason why any woman should degrade herself. Whatever happened to modesty, a sense of pride and the idea of being pursued? The whole idea of putting yourself on display and proving yourself seems a very savage way of finding a rather valuable addition to your life.

This is certainly not the way husbands are found on the contrary this is the last place a prospective husband should be found!

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