Life, Love, and Passports

Ten reasons why nurses are like flight attendants

Having trained and studied as a nurse I was quite amused after a few long haul flights when I realised how similar nurses and flight attendants jobs are. As a young girl I remember wanting to be an air hostess (this is what they were called before they added the glamour factor) but eventually I chose nursing after being duped into thinking they had more time off than any other profession I knew at the time.  So I couldn’t help but make a list!

1.They work long hours but always manage to look fresh (to be honest I am an exception)

2.Neither choose their clientele but they arrive after weeks of planning or through emergencies

3.Clients always expect more than they pay for (the much wanted window space or the least crowded area)

4.On the odd occasion clients get more than they pay for (these  range from happy to really sad surprises)

5.Both nurses and flight attendants seem to have mastered the art being passive aggressive (you know the look you get after you’ve called them for the tenth time to sort out something relatively important)

6.They tolerate complaints about the food and always inform you that the necessary nutritional requirements are overseen by a dietician

7.”the smile” it kind of says I’m here to help but I’d prefer it if you didn’t ask

8.A sacrifice is required by both to serve perfect strangers while leaving their loved ones at home particularly on special occasions (with all the planning, not one person can get their way every time)

9.A large percentage of these jobs are done by women (though in recent years the number of men has increased) probably because women are way better at housekeeping!

10.The uniform! I must admit flight attendants look so much better unless of course you have a picture of nurse Betty in mind!


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