Life, Love, and Passports

All time low

A week ago I decided to make some drastic changes to my eating lifestyle. It has not been very easy but I have survived so far. I know that I’ve got to keep going if I want to see results.

I have never been a slave to the scale but acquired one earlier this year mainly to weigh my children. When I decided to make the changes I hopped on the dreaded scale and was shocked at what I saw. Fortunately I have reason to believe that it was not very accurate following a second weigh in at the gym. Surely their scale would be accurate! So the good news was that I didn’t have that much excess luggage to dump.

I have been chocolate, crisps and ice cream free since the start. On the down side I have been feeling dizzy with frequent headaches. I’m convinced the sluggishness and mood swings are due to the massive reduction in my sugar intake.

When I decided to make changes I considered doing a calorie count exclusively but couldn’t bear to be the person who needs to check a chart before a morsel of food touches my mouth. Although I must admit that I have become quite interested in the calorie count of food.

Over the last seven days I have eaten enough fruit to supply a mini green grocer. I love fruit but even that has let me lose my joy. Sometimes you just need a snickers bar. After feeling low for the past two days I decided to treat myself to a piece of fudge and I can’t say that I feel any better. I just hope this does not signal the beginning of the end. Surely not I’d like to think that I’m much tougher than that!


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