Life, Love, and Passports

Remebering the fallen

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11 and I can’t help but feel for the people of New York. While the rest of the world offers words of support and encouragement New Yorkers are faced with the memory of a day that changed the world-their world forever.

Like so many people around the world I can remember the day of the attacks and particularly the terror of the people running out of the twin towers. It’s hard to imagine how such an awful act affects people in the long run. Much is often said of the many who died on that day. What of the many who survived and have lived with the memory of the day their lives ceased to be normal. Having seen an interview with a survivor  her absolute anguish and inability to cope with life made me realise that there is a group of people who we don’t hear much about. It would be really interesting to know about the support which was given to these survivors.

While the world stops for a minute to remember the fallen. I do hope they will take time to remember the brave who live daily with the memory of that historic day. The many who fear repeat attacks and their lives spiralling out of control without warning.

I hope that these brave survivors are never forgotten!


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