Life, Love, and Passports

Show me the funny

So glad the weekend has rolled in. While I adore being a mother there are days I wish I could send my girls on an extended holiday to their grandparents. Of course that will never happen I’d miss them far too much.

We have now reached the point in our home where all of my children want to mark their territory. This means that the noise level has trebled in my house. Having had children a little later in life I sometimes feel that my age makes me a little grumpy. The truth is I’m not sure that anybody likes to feel like they’ve woken up in a war zone.

This morning was typically a war zone. I knew it was going to be a frantic Friday when I started the morning with complaints about breakfast, uniforms and lunch boxes. Oh man I hate feeling out of control and playing catch up. When we finally left for the school run there were many threats and consequences laid out. I hate it when I blurt out consequences because I cannot go back on my word-ever! My poor kids left for school knowing their regular Friday movie slot had been erased.

I had the whole day to find my happy place but for some reason I just carried around this crazy morning feeling. My solution was a double bill of “Everybody loves Raymond” It never fails to deliver. Glad to have reached the end of the day. Bring on my Super Saturday!


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