Life, Love, and Passports

Operation preparation

So it’s Sunday night and I’m getting ready for bed. When I wake up it will most definitely be Monday. It might seem quite obvious to most but when I wake up I’ll be in a race to sort out a whole lot of stuff I would’ve done the night before.

I have no idea why I find planning for the next day so foreign. I’ll have to blame it on being a bit too relaxed up until the point where I realise I didn’t hear the alarm. Then all hell breaks loose and I start wishing I had done just a little bit.

In many countries around the world there are moms and even dads sorting out school uniforms, book bags, PE kits and many other things needed for the start of a new week. Why can’t I just follow their example? I enjoy the challenge of taking on the clock and winning. I must admit though that the clock always seems to have the upper hand. Damn that snooze button!


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