Life, Love, and Passports

Harvest time

October is harvest festival in England based on the traditional idea of the reaping season. It’s a time when people are encouraged and reminded to give to those less fortunate. Earlier this evening I went to a distribution point with my daughters to unpack food collected. It made me realise just how fortunate we are as a family to be able to live from day-to-day without needing assistance. I hope the lesson my girls learnt tonight is to always be thankful. You are never too young to have an attitude of gratitude.

I read an article recently that highlighted the difficulties families are experiencing since Britain was plunged into a financial crisis. The high unemployment rate and serious lack of job creation has sent families further into crisis. Quite honestly the whole idea of people going hungry in a first world country is quite shocking. The increased need for food distribution centres is proof of the shape of the economy and desperation of people who would starve if not for the kindness of many.

So as October kicks into gear it will no doubt serve as a reminder of how much we need each other and the importance of looking out for each other.


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