Life, Love, and Passports

Teachers Pet

Teachers the world over were being celebrated today even though there wasn’t much hype about their special day! Quite sad considering what an essential and valuable service teachers provide. Teachers are unsung heroes in my opinion and they certainly deserve better remuneration for the priceless work they do.

I thought about some of my teachers and it brought back wonderful memories for the most part. However, some teachers were honestly a disgrace to the profession. Most of these below par educators were mainly in my high school and always using ‘independent learning’ as an excuse for their chronic laziness. My tribute is not to these few bad apples but to the ones who left a positive impression on me. These dedicated teachers I shall always remember fondly.

When I went to school for the first time aged six unlike my daughters I had to be taught to write my name I didn’t enjoy the privilege of going to nursery. It must have been quite difficult and having a nine letter name probably didn’t make it any easier. I learnt to read in that year as well something I still enjoy doing.

My award for best teacher goes to a wonderful man called Mr.J.J.Mathey. He was also the principal of the primary school. I learnt to love poetry from his enthusiasm and he genuinely cared for all of the pupils. I have yet to come across somebody who has a negative thing to say about him.

So today I salute all the dedicated teachers who never tire of teaching and do it daily with loads of enthusiasm!


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