Life, Love, and Passports

The truth about justice

Much has been written and said following the acquittal of Amanda Knox. Watching her reaction in that Italian court made me hope that she truly is innocent. Crime is just one of those unfortunate things which requires the truth from people who are considered criminals and unable to speak the truth. So as she travelled back to America a free woman with or without the whole truth a family watched their hopes of closure fly away. No matter what happens in the appeals court there is no way Amanda will be obligated to face a judge as there is no extradition agreement between Italy and America. If Meredith was indeed her friend and she knows more than she has let on then I’d like to see her do the right and help the victim’s family find peace.

Funny how justice means different things to different people. For the family of the accused it means seeing their loved one going free. For the victim’s family it means finding somebody to pay for the crime. Foxy Knoxy has had her family and friends proclaiming her innocence but do they really know what she has been up to in that Italian village. She claims that Meredith was her friend and I’d like to see her turn down million dollar deals and honour her friend’s life.

The only truth for Meredith’s family is that she is gone and they have no idea what took place on that awful night. A parents worst nightmare is how her mom described the whole ordeal. My heart truly goes out to them and I hope they can find a way to move forward at this difficult time. To a lesser degree I feel sorry for the Knox family as they try to find the way forward. The major difference of course is that they have their daughter and Meredith is gone…forever! Sadly dead men tell no tales.


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