Life, Love, and Passports

Who’s laughing now-reunion tales

In a few days time my high school reunion is taking place. I will not be attending mainly because I’m not in the country. Will I be missed? Probably not! I’ve never been to a reunion before and I’m not really sure what the point is at this stage. Mainly a forum for discussing war stories of battles lost and won. A few embellishments won’t be out-of-order I’m sure.

I’ve been reflecting on my high school days and I can’t say they were the best days of my life. Anybody who has been in high school knows for a fact that there is a pecking order. People will have individual ideas about that order. For me the pupils were in four rather broad categories namely the popular, academic, sporty and the fringe group. I was definitely a fringe pupil I was somebody who just went about my business staying out of trouble and doing the absolute bare minimum to get the best education. I guess I didn’t do too badly I went on to become a professional nurse.

There are a few things I wish I could change about my time in high school. I wish I’d been more confident and less afraid of failure. It’s weird how as a teenager I let people define who I was. It’s crazy but some of those teenage critics just didn’t get very far. Being popular seemed to be the goal and overly zealous academics were often made fun of. No doubt those academics are looking back now and applauding their goal of looking to a bright future. Who’s laughing now?


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