Life, Love, and Passports

The hands of time

At the moment of your birth your whole life lies before you. An empty canvas waiting for you to make your mark with life’s many experiences. Sometimes the art can appear very abstract with way too many unanswered questions. I guess the trick of this life is finding a way to leave the past behind, live in the present and plan for a tomorrow that may never come. Cherishing each day because you may never meet chances and opportunities again. Moments forever lost in time.

Recently I’ve been forced to face with my own mortality. Every now and again an untimely death gets me re-evaluating the way I’m living my life. When you’re young you somehow feel you going to live forever. I’m not suggesting living in fear of death but it certainly sheds some light on the things we place importance on. Particularly the things we cannot take with us when we die. Unfortunately this world we live in requires us to make a living and support ourselves and our families. Finding the balance in giving priority to people who count as opposed to things.

Ever so often I get fed up with being a stay at home mom and I very quickly realise that my girls will be all grown up in the blink of an eye and these moments will be gone forever. So wherever you find yourself in this life just make the absolute most of good and bad situations because nothing lasts forever. Nothing in this life is certain except death.


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