Life, Love, and Passports

To the beat of the rhythm

It always amazes me how music really is a language of its own. I listen to a wide selection of music mainly because I enjoy listening to appropriate music at the appropriate time. It is quite shocking how music has an effect on your mental state. So for me its got to be the right beat for the occasion.

When driving I find my skills quite erratic while listening to upbeat music and parallel parking is virtually impossible while listening to the Chipmunks soundtrack! Whilst shopping I’d prefer the sound of the saxophone or even the violin but it always seems to be Jessie J which seriously has me collecting more garments than I care to buy. I do try to remember to take my iPod that way I’m locked in a zone of my own and I choose what kind of space I want to be in. Most of the time it is a very relaxed and no hurry track that I can hum along to and perhaps annoy some shoppers along the way.

Music is a really important part of my life and can’t imagine my life without it. My only regret is that I don’t play an instrument. I know it’s been said you’re never too old to learn so I won’t write that possibility off. While all our tastes differ I guess the end result is getting pleasure from whatever it is we choose to bop or sway to. Rock on!


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