Life, Love, and Passports

Circle of life

Today we took our daughters to the movies to see The Lion King. It is one of my favourite movies and I hoped that they’d be captivated if not by the storyline then at least by the soundtrack. Sadly they were not as impressed as I thought they would be. Nevertheless I enjoyed it even though I’ve seen it several times including a show at the West End.

I like to think of Simba as a metaphor of life. Being born is the most miraculous event and having your whole life ahead of you is amazing. The promise of a fruitful future is enough to keep you intrigued. Sadly for Simba there are people in his life who don’t want him to reach his potential and are constantly working on evil schemes to see him fail. He eventually runs away and finds himself far removed from his bright future. Nala who has always believed in him finds him and he returns to claim what was rightfully his. My favourite characters are by far Timon and Pumba, they remind me of the kind of people you meet and just accept you at face value. I love not having to prove my worth when I meet people and it makes it even better when they turn out to be the people who help you to reach your full potential. That is the circle of life!


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