Life, Love, and Passports

You’re making me high

I’ve been fascinated for as long as I can remember by stories of drug traffickers and mules. Being as obsessed as I am with border security and all the drama it sometimes entails. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is usually the ignorant or the brave who attempt to smuggle drugs internationally. Of course people have many different reasons for what they do and it is no excuse for participating in illegal activities but I can’t help but feel sorry for people who seem to have been groomed to take these life changing chances. My heart aches at the moment where an ill advised person takes the fall. I have no idea if it really is the first time they attempt to smuggle narcotics (the officials who seize drugs make it sound really serious when they say narcotics!) or if it’s just part of their game plan to perhaps get a lenient sentence.

I watched a movie recently which was based on a true story about a young girl from a poor family who was targeted to do a drug run. That story did not end well. Now I realise that drug lords are rather conniving and choose their targets carefully. However on the other hand surely a person should posses some kind of law abiding awareness because some things no matter how rewarding they seem are just wrong. Desperation is no excuse for breaking the law!



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