Life, Love, and Passports

The crying game

What is it about crying that demands our attention? Today I took my two-year old to crèche and she put up an Oscar-winning performance kicking and screaming. Perhaps she is finding it difficult to settle after her half term break. Now anybody who knows me knows I don’t handle crying very well I just detest when it’s used in a manipulative manner. I have no doubt that she was trying to make me feel really bad about leaving her there particularly after spending each waking moment with me for the past week. Like most mothers I don’t like to leave my children distressed but sometimes it really is for their own good. Hopefully she will see it this way eventually.

Sadly this turning on of waterworks is not just childs play! I know many a grown woman who uses this tactic. Funny how men don’t seem to be capable of crying “just because”. My mother always seemed to know when it wasn’t serious her response was “when you cry blood let me know”. A bit cruel at times but soon nips that game in the bud.

Crying is such a wonderful expression for showing pain, joy, grief, relief and many other genuine emotions. Such a pity that such a powerful expression can be abused so easily!


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