Life, Love, and Passports

The Space

Sadly though I’m not referring to a piece of heaven in the countryside. I am in fact talking about the holy grail of all drivers – the parking space! Pondering on the craziness that seems to possess drivers when confronted with the possibility of losing a parking bay that seems like the only available one in the universe. Honestly I have witnessed some scary scenes while out and about. When taking your driving test they spend plenty of time instructing you just how to master getting into a parking space. Why is it that they never ever tell you how to go about claiming your right to the said space? Surely there should be some kind of etiquette about acquisition and use.

The parking etiquette manual should include guidelines like entitlement to the space to avoid sneaky glide ins. Prompt exit from the space since you now know how difficult it was to come by in the first place. Refrain from using the bay as a picnic spot. For goodness sake park between the lines. When somebody is trying their best to parallel park do not hang around hoping they eventually give up and make way for you. Do use caution when flinging your car doors open. Show some appreciation for drivers who take the time to let you know they’ll be vacating their space.

Enjoy the space responsibly!


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