Life, Love, and Passports

A walk down memory lane

I love looking at photos with my daughters especially the ones of the three of them before they turned a year! It is so amusing when they quarrel about who is in the photo and I have to step in to help with identification. They are all very photogenic and I have no doubt that they get it from their dad.

I’m not a fan of having my photo taken and am always extremely critical of the end result. It’s been said that practice makes perfect but I have no desire to practice. I love looking at friends pictures on social networking sites and it is a very telling exercise. Some care too much and some don’t care at all. I’m always telling my husband to refrain from posting pictures with loads of laundry and unwashed dishes in the background. I always find myself looking around the picture before actually looking at the picture. Thinking about it now just sounds so weird.

Note to self: A little practice might just help with my photo presentation!


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