Life, Love, and Passports

Sticks and stones

Earlier this week a twelve-year-old British boy was found hanged at his home. It has since been alleged the victim was autistic and was being bullied at school by a group of girls. It’s a shame that a few people’s entertainment could lead to the tragic end of such a young life.

After reading the article I thought about my days at school. I remembered a bully in my primary school and I will not name her just in case she comes after me! Perhaps she has grown into a decent adult who respects others now. I can’t remember feeling suicidal but I was petrified. Being twelve and afraid to go out at playtime was no fun. I wish now that I had told somebody in authority.

The anti bullying campaign is a highly publicised initiative and the kids are educated about types of bullying and what action to take if they are being bullied. With all of this emphasis and attention on bullying I’m led to believe that this problem may have escalated over the last two decades. As far as my school going children go I remind them regularly about respecting their peers even if they are different in some ways. Being different is totally okay.


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