Life, Love, and Passports

Hip Hip Hooray!

Today my dearest mother celebrates her 60th birthday. Sadly I’m on the other side of the world and will be missing out on all of the festivities. No doubt it will be a wonderful celebration of a fruitful life…so far. I have no doubt that the future is very bright for her.

There are many things that my mother excels at but I’ll highlight just a few. My mother is an amazing cook and while most people think their mothers are great its a fact that my mother can prepare a meal fit for a king and not break into a sweat. That is a skill she has failed to pass onto me. I’ve not come across a bigger book-worm than my mother and she remembers and recommends them accordingly. Yet another skill I’ve failed to inherit.

Like my father my mother is a sports fanatic and you’d swear they owned some of these clubs the way that they throw themselves into soccer and cricket in particular. Finally the one thing that my mother and I have in common is our ability to stay up late at night and then fail to respond to the call of the morning.

These are but just a few facets to an otherwise multifaceted and super amazing woman. Happy birthday mummy!


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