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My child’s not perfect

Strange how life just carries on for many parents who have children who are just able to cope. I’ve never really given much thought to kids in my girls classes who may have difficulty learning. Of course we should praise our kids when they do well and perhaps even an occasional reward. My six-year-old is an excellent reader and loves new words so I’ve stopped rewarding her for doing exceptionally well in her spelling tests all she gets now is a “well done Charis”.

After watching the documentary my child’s not perfect I did feel quite sad for the families who have to cope with Tourette’s syndrome, autism, mutism and attention deficit disorder. I have no doubt that they don’t want pity just understanding from people while they try to find a way to cope with a difficult situation. While I’ll never fully understand the dynamics of a family with a child who needs specialised care. I do know what it’s like to be a mother and wanting the absolute best for your child.

Children are a gift and while they come in different shapes and sizes one fact remains they are all very special.
Have you made a child feel special today?


Crafts are fun…really!

I’ve never been much of an arts and crafts person which is quite sad because it can be quite therapeutic. I have however enjoyed puzzles and colouring books for the longest time. Once my girls got a tad older I realised it was a wonderful way to encourage their creativity and by older I mean once they could hold a crayon, paint brush and the cutest little animal shaped scissors.

Yesterday they got to experience some of their amazing work at a mini exhibition. We’ve all been working on some amazing elements for the story “room on the broom” and we got to see many of those elements come to life.
From green screen adventures resulting in us flying on a broom to life-size cutouts of my six-year Charis’ art. It was brilliant.

So all in all it was a brilliant afternoon of socializing with a dash of pride. I’m looking forward to many more days filled with awesome creativity!

Fickle fan or steadfast supporter

I’ve been a fan of the beautiful game of football from as far back as I can remember. In a previous post I wrote about how I came to be an Arsenal supporter well the truth is I’m really just one of a large group of fans. You see I think that supporters shout about their team whether they’re up or down. They make every effort to watch their games and if an opportunity to watch them live arose they would not even consider the cost. Supporters are like family and stick around for life.

Now fans on the other hand tend to be less loyal when it comes to the welfare of their team. Verbal when there’s a victory absent during losses. Fans also find it very hard to see the bright side when confronted with dark days. I’ve recently started watching Arsenal play again but the disappointment can be so overwhelming that I usually promise never to watch another game. I know I’m so very fickle but that’s the response of a fan!

I have no intentions of becoming a supporter its way too much work. Fan for life!

The Italian Job

About ten days ago the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia ran into some serious trouble after it sailed to close to the shore. The death toll continues to mount. No doubt it would’ve been every passengers nightmare to hear the call to evacuate the vessel.

I watched an interview with one of the many survivors. She was an employee who worked as a magicians assistant and was in a box when the first jolt was felt. The thing that became quite apparent from her account was the struggle to get off the ship and the desire to live. Nothing else mattered at that moment except getting to the shore and being reunited with loved ones.

No doubt more tales of the struggle to survive will emerge and even more finger-pointing and the blame game between the captain and owners of the ship. Searching of the ship will continue with many still unaccounted for!

Still missing!

It’s been exactly a month since Bianca Couch a young South African went missing. I don’t know her personally but I can’t stop thinking of her and praying for her safe return. No doubt her family are restless and searching for answers and my wish is that those answers would come soon because nobody should suffer from a life filled with uncertainty.

My daughter Gemma was just two and a half years old when she wandered off at a rather busy BBC good food show. While I’m usually a very laid back person at that moment I lost my ability to think clearly. I was frozen and immediately following that moment was a flood of tears and uncontrolled whimpering. Fortunately I was with my husband who held it together long enough to go to the right people. After twenty minutes of anguish we were reunited with our little girl and yet another flood of tears followed. We travelled home in silence and that night she slept in our bed where we could watch her.

While I realise that my experience is probably dust compared to what the family of this young lady are going through. To be faced with the prospect of losing someone you love and not knowing what the outcome will be can make even the strongest of people feel helpless. So here’s hoping that her family will have the peace that every family deserves!

The joy of letting go

Those who hurt you in the past can’t keep hurting you today without your permission.
Stop rehearsing it – release it!

Love this quote by Rick Warren

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

My two-year old Gabrielle Justine decided it was time to give herself a haircut. Having been through the hair cutting phase with my other two daughters I was shocked but not completely surprised. When I questioned her about the incident she had no excuse and seemed happy with the results.

I’ve now had time to inspect the damage and I’m now seriously considering having her hair cut professionally so she doesn’t have this neglected look about her. Needless to say she is protesting the decision alas the morning will tell!

Time out

Today I spent the day at a beautiful spa. I feel so blessed to have wonderful people in my life whose company I appreciate.
My dear husband did a fantastic job looking after our daughters while I was recharging my batteries.

So thankful for the gift of friendship. Old and new friends alike!

Somewhere over the rainbow

How do you get to a rainbow? Has anybody ever touched a rainbow? Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Thought I’d just put that out there! I love rainbows and I just wondered if I could possibly get really close to one and perhaps touch it. I guess everybody has some random thoughts which might not make sense to the next person.

Please don’t let me be alone on this crazy train of thought. I might just consider becoming a rainbow chaser!

Fads and fancies

This evening my two older daughters decided that they no longer eat cottage pie (mince and mash). They haven’t given me a solid reason apart from the childish response “we just don’t like it anymore” This presents a bit of a problem for me because I’ve adopted a four-day eating plan and the weekend signals the beginning of an eating out frenzy!

I thought back to my childhood and unless you were allergic to a particular type of food you basically ate whatever you were given. As an adult I now have a simple rule unless I’ve tried it once I don’t just refuse. However, there are food memories forever etched in my memory like mealie rice (much like risotto), corned beef and pork pies I have no desire to eat any of them ever again.

So I’ve decided to cut my girls some slack and perhaps they’ll rekindle their taste for one of my signature dishes! Perhaps now is a good time to introduce them to another of my favourite childhood classics macaroni and cheese. All I can do is try and hope for the best!