Life, Love, and Passports

Those were the days

Whilst questioning my two school going girls about school dinners I quickly realised what a different schooling experience I had. Of course it is questioning now but in about ten years I’m sure they’ll call it interrogation.

As far as I know the only schools which served cooked dinners were the ones with hostel dwellers. So coming to England and finding that school dinners are a normal part of the school day took me by surprise. As a late riser not having to prepare packed lunches was an absolute gift. This gift didn’t last long as my girls soon returned with tales of woe. They now eat school dinners twice a week. Wednesday is a roast dinner and Friday its pizza.

My six year old was shocked when I told her we had a tuck-shop at school. I laughed when she asked me questions like…how did they know which kids had allergies? Did they sell any whole grain? What about fruit and healthy snacks? Could you buy any treat you wanted?
It was at this point that I realised I was miles from everything that influenced my childhood.


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