Life, Love, and Passports

Still missing!

It’s been exactly a month since Bianca Couch a young South African went missing. I don’t know her personally but I can’t stop thinking of her and praying for her safe return. No doubt her family are restless and searching for answers and my wish is that those answers would come soon because nobody should suffer from a life filled with uncertainty.

My daughter Gemma was just two and a half years old when she wandered off at a rather busy BBC good food show. While I’m usually a very laid back person at that moment I lost my ability to think clearly. I was frozen and immediately following that moment was a flood of tears and uncontrolled whimpering. Fortunately I was with my husband who held it together long enough to go to the right people. After twenty minutes of anguish we were reunited with our little girl and yet another flood of tears followed. We travelled home in silence and that night she slept in our bed where we could watch her.

While I realise that my experience is probably dust compared to what the family of this young lady are going through. To be faced with the prospect of losing someone you love and not knowing what the outcome will be can make even the strongest of people feel helpless. So here’s hoping that her family will have the peace that every family deserves!


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  1. Thanks so much to everyone for all the prayers and support.

    October 29, 2013 at 12:16 am

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